Thursday, December 29, 2011


I am alone and a free man,
I have broken the chains,
That surrounded me like a snake.
I cut down its head first, then the tail.

The wind of freedom was warm,
It brought a new smell in the air.
The new sky has different colours
It coloured my thoughts more than ever.

I walked and walked, fearing no one.
I was not followed, and I never followed.
Future never bothered me,
And the past never haunted me.

I am free; a complete free man.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Love and Lust

I saw her
She was beautiful
Look like an angel,
Coming from heaven

I heard her
Her voice was music,
Coming from a sitar
It rejoiced my ear.

I kissed her
It was sweet as honey
It made me frenzy.
I enjoyed its intoxication.

I loved her
Her love was painful.
I could not bear it
It wounds my heart.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Waiting for you

I have been here for a long time
Waiting for your come back.
I am not sure whether you come
To me or leave me for ever.

But you can never erase me from
Your heart or from your thought,
I was the first one in your life
And will be the last one too.

The days we spend together were
Most memorable and valuable,
You have gifted me the most valuable
That the nature preserves with you.

You gave me new status and
I was being honored in that.
It can not be taken back by any one
Even if we separate for ever

Separation is the law of nature,
But Separation is possible only
If the heart desires, and I hope
You may not think so.
It is my desire to stay with you.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Every one is stranger

She was sitting in front of me
Face to face, in a moving train.
She was in blue dress, which made
Her more attractive and
I was infatuated by her beauty.

She was watching the passing
Scenery through the window
And some times looking at me
To see whether I was listening
Or not interested in her.

Her eyes were beautiful,
Her fingers were beautiful.
When she realized that I was
Watching her, she just put her
Curly hair in front of her left shoulder,
That made her more beautiful.

I could understand through
Her eyes that she had lot of things
To say to me, and I had too.
But we were absolutely strangers.
Before fall in love every one
Is stranger to the other

But it was not a love.
It was just an infatuation,
When I was about to leave
I could read her eyes.
It was asking me to say
I love you…………

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I am alone here....

I am alone here,
Nobody is here to console me,
I was weeping, weeping in
Thought of the lost one

I never want to lose
Any thing in life, even if
Every thing is to lose.
What I have now and what
I am going to have in life
Will be with me all time.

It is my desire, desires keep
Me to stay in this world,
The world has every thing that
We would like to have.

But we do not get what we desire
We may get few things and
We may lose so many things.
It is immutable law of nature
And we have to obey it.

Friday, July 15, 2011

You have been loved

It was my dream to love you
Even if you did not love me,
Everyday, I dream about you.
You were with me in all the season.

In rainy season, we both were
Under one umbrella, shoulder to
Shoulder, drenching all over
And walking through the street.

In summer, we both were under
The shade of a big mango tree
Sharing the sweetest moment of life

In winter, we both were under
One blanket enjoying the heat
Of our sigh and the sweat.

In autumn, you blossomed
Like a tree which has full
Of yellow flowers.
You showered it on me, and
I was buried in the pool of flowers.

Monday, July 11, 2011

It was on a rainy season........

It was on a rainy season I was transferred to head office at calicut.A fifty kilometer journey was needed to reach at head office. All the morning of those days, in heavy rain I traveled in parasuram express. The journey in train and the work in head office were most memorable in my office life. I got lot of good friends in train and in office. It is not easy to mention the whole people who traveled with me in train. My colleague shajid introduced me to every one in the train. I still continue his friendship. In my office I had good friends, one among them was shajith a computer genius and others were madhu, Praveen, pappettan etc.those
Days in heads office helped me in transforming my behaviour to a great extent .from there I gained little knowledge in operating computer and internet. The very next month after I joined head office I bought a computer, and my friend shajith taught me how to operate the computer and internet .with his help I started blogging in internet. Now I have three blogs of my own, even though my friends are not putting any comment on it I still continuing my posting. The evening journey in passenger train was very interesting. The travelers in the passenger train were madhu, shajid, babu, shajith and I. the passenger train stops all most in all station between Calicut to we got lot of time to talk. We discussed about so many things under the sun .I had so many experience while traveling in train. One of such experience was shared in my blog signature and vathmeeki. It was published in our bank’s house magazine “akathalam”. It was Sunil who did the entire work to release the magazine. He was an interesting character, I liked him very much. I spent three years in head office; those three years were most memorable. After those three glorious years I was transferred to branch where I worked earlier, it was also on a rainy season. I think the rain does play a good part in my life.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A day is ending

A day is ending,
It never comes back.
It never comes back to
Wipe your tears.
It never comes back to
Make you laugh again.
It is lost, let it go and
Hope for tomorrow.

The day might have given
You good memories
Those memories you want
To remember forever

The day might have given
You worst memories
It may haunt, even though
You try to forget them.

Do not worry, whether it is
Good or worst. Those memories
Follow you for sometimes.
And will draw back as
The time passes by.

Friday, July 1, 2011


To me you are like a poem,
Which is not written…..?
The words are in my heart,
But it is not easy to express.


You are like a flower,
Which is yet to pluck…?
But the fragrance is spreading
All over my place, where
I am living.

You are like a river of love,
Which flows in to the sea….?
I wish if I could be that sea
So you will flow in to me every year,
Every month, every weak, every day
Every hour and every moment
Without any delay


I wish if you could be
A poem or you could be a flower
Or you could be a river…..


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Are you an angel………?

Days were dark to me,
I thought either I was blind
Or the world was dark

I was walking, walking in search of light.
Thinking light was nowhere near
I had to cover a long distance.

All of a sudden, I got a hand
It was yours, very soft, but very caring
You led me through the darkness

I never saw your face,
Was it gorgeous or not.
But I was sure it might have beautiful
Because the hands were very soft,
The voice was very simple

You showed me the light
It was brighter, and brighter than your face.
I was seeing the light for the first time,
The world was beautiful through the light.

I felt light lead our life,
Those who shows the lights are Angels